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Strategic directions

1.Optimization of  conditions  on  mortgage  loans  and  application  of  new mortgage  products
Improvement of existing conditions on mortgage loans, the maximal sum of credit and adoption of percentages to the economic realities are more important for the  Fund. In addition, recently, increase of interest of population to the mortgage lending, high requirement for residential area, development of solvent customer bases and introduction of new mortgage products have been become priority goal for the Fund.

2. Improvement of the legislation
The main feature of developed mortgage credit systems is an existence of the advanced legislation databases regulating activities of this mechanism. In this regard, improvement of legislation database and application of international experiment in the field of the mortgage securities market and mortgage lending in the country is one of the priority directions which stand ahead of the Fund for the next periods.

3. The application of the automation to mortgage lending. With the purpose of the application of the maximal automation in this field for the next period, expanding the access possibilities of population to mortgage credits, reducing documentation turnover in paper carriers among the market participants, providing transparence in the process of lending will be in the spotlight of the Fund.

4. Adapting of Institutional management to the modern practice - A number of institutional management systems of reaching the most modern level are required for attainment of leading financial institutions on mortgage lending for organizational maturity for Fund. These are included: development of internal cooperative environment, performance management human resources, internal support services and risks management

5.The formation of policy long term sole stateon housing constraction sector

  • It is needed to prepare a single document. These are followings:
  • Plan of development on housing construction sector in the country
  • the priorities of this field
  • the amount of housing resource  which is planned construction and restoration in the recent years
  • Governmental policy on allocation of the population 

This possesses crucial importance to determine   direction of action and strategic goals of the Fund in the next periods

6. Development of human capital. 
The Human capital is one of the bases of successful fulfillment of the Fund’s mission and consequently it is the foundation of institutional development. Mechanism of mortgage lending is one section of financial system and is renewed constantly, that is why adapting of existing standards of the cadre potential of the Fund   is significant priority. In this period, education, rewarding, career design and other systems, which boost and motivate human development, must be reconstructed by the Fund again for modern experiments. 

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