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About AMF

According to Decree of President of the Azerbaijan Republic on “Forming of mortgage loans systems in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, dated 16 September 2005, numbered 299, Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund under National Bank of Republic of Azerbaijan was established to improve living condition of population, build the efficient housing finance mechanism, adapt the supply with real demand and attract local and foreign investors to mortgage lending. With the purpose of establishing financing mechanism of mortgage lending in Azerbaijan Republic, regulation on Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund under National Bank of Republic of Azerbaijan adopted by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on 22 December 2005.

About AMF - Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund is a state institution, legal entity Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund is not engaged with direct granting of mortgage loans to the population.

Mortgage lending is performed by the authorized credit organizations selected by the NBAR.

Followings are the main functions of Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund:

  1. Refinancing mortgage loans lent by authorized credit organizations;
  2. Defining requirements on refinanced mortgage loans;
  3. Making emissions of mortgaged back securities to attract financial funds ;
  4. Managing financial risk to provide its activity and stability; 
  5. Taking measures within its authorities, with the purpose of providing liquidity in mortgage lending and attracting inexpensive financial resources.
The amount of mortgage loans
1 191 619 178
Authorized organizations