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Reception of citizens

Reception rules. According to the First part of 57 th article of Constitution of Republic of Azerbaıjan, Citizens of our country have to right to appeal personally, also to send individual and collective written forms to theGovernmental organs. Besides, In this article of Constitution were recorded other rights of citizens of Azerbaıjan Republic. 1. To suggest orally and wr

  1. The Guidance of Fund and authorized representatives of the relevant department receive citizens on Friday of every week from 15 00 until 18 00.
  2. As usual, Every citizen, who dreams to be at recept, took the of application form to receive from Fund of Mortgage of Azerbaıjan or entered site of AMF and fulfill reception application. After reception application review and contact with citizens and confirmed day reception.
  3. Introducing of identification of citizens, who come for reception is necassary.
  4. During the week, If the generalnumber of citizens, who appeal for reception, is more than 20, reception of other citizens is taken on Friday of the next week.
  5. City and internal telephon number 498 18 01; 498 18 02; 498 18 03 ( internal 123) Call centeritten forms 2. To complain about illegal actions (inaction) of official persons 3. To submit an application Importance of permission is considered to be realised of rights of citizens in our Constitution. That is why, reception of citizens is accomplished by Guidance of Fund of Mortgage and relevant official persons in order below:


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